Passover 2020 newsletter from Chabad of Newbury Park

Passover 2020 newsletter from Chabad of Newbury Park
Passover 2020 newsletter from Chabad of Newbury Park featuring Rabbi Schneur Schneerson visiting Dr. Reuben Goodkin, who was 101-years-old in 2020.
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April 14, 2020
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APRIL 14-16, 2020

Dear Schneur,
As the final days of Passover are only hours away (sunset of April 14 through nightfall of April 16), we are
pleased to share with you information and resources about the final days of Passover and the customary
'Moshiach's Meal' which is held on the last day of passover, a tradition that was instituted over 250 years
ago by the Baal Shem Tov.
Although we will not be able to celebrate together in person this year, please print the guide below before
the holiday so you will be prepared to conduct this celebration on your own. In addition, we have included
many thoughtful and inspirational articles below for you.
Please remember that Yizkor is customarily recited in the synagogue on the final day of Passover (April 16).
This year it is to be recited at home (more info below).
For your convenience, we have also prepared a page for you with the order of prayers for the last days of
Passover to use when praying at home (to print before the holiday).
We hope and pray that very soon we will merit to the coming of Moshiach, when our entire world will know
no more pain and suffering.
Wishing you a happy — and safe — last days of Passover!
Rabbi Schneur Z. Schneerson

Candle Lighting Times for
Newbury Park:
Holiday Begins (Passover):
Tuesday, Apr. 14
Second Day Holiday (Passover):
Wednesday, Apr. 15

7:09 pm
8:06 pm

Holiday Ends (Passover):
Thursday, Apr. 16

8:07 pm

Shabbat Candle Lighting (Shemini):
Friday, Apr. 17

7:11 pm

Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Apr. 18

8:09 pm

The Last Two Days of Passover In a Nutshell
What and How We Celebrate


Yizkor at Home

This year, the synagogue is closed, and I am sheltering in place due to coronavirus.
May I still say Yizkor?


Printable Program for Your Quarantine Moshiach's Meal
With suggested readings for each of the four cups


Moshiach's Meal: What, Why and How
Following a tradition instituted by the Baal Shem Tov, Jews all over the world
celebrate the waning hours of Passover with Moshiach’s Meal


Moshiach's Meal: What Is It and How To Do It At Home
Join Rabbi Mendel Kaplan for a live class, April 14, 3pm ET, to explore the meaning of
this special meal.


Bring Moshiach Now!
Maimonides teaches us to imagine the world as hanging in the balance between good
and evil. One action may be all that’s needed to tip the scales towards the good and
bring salvation to the entire world.

Watch (6:19)

On the Last Day of Passover, Stop and Ask What You
Really Want
It may not be what you expect.


The Third Seder
Last Days of Passover


15 Moshiach Facts Every Jew Should Know
Here are 15 Moshiach facts that will have you reminding yourself that one good deed

can tip to the scales, making Moshiach come that much faster!


The Missing Blessing
The Last Days of Passover


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Visit our Passover site

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