Politz Day School - Naohm: 7th Grade Covid Reflection

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Politz Day School - Naohm: 7th Grade Covid Reflection
Throughout this pandemic life has been challenging in many different ways. In March 2020 Politz shut down due to COVID-19, and for two weeks the students were at home doing nothing. After two weeks of no school, Politz decided to start learning from Zoom. In the beginning we were having fun because we woke up at nine and class started at nine ten. All the kids were enjoying it until around May, when it was getting repetitive and some kids' grades were dropping because it was hard to focus. Personally my grades were going up and I was having a great time. Since school ended at two my mother and I used to go hiking or biking after school, and it felt like I was on vacation everyday. Personally COVID has made my life better and worse because my grandfather passed away but also I got to go on vacation and not have to miss school because there is Zoom.

When we returned to school in September 2020 I was really excited to see my friends but when I first saw them it was pretty strange. We caught up on everything and throughout the year we have gotten closer as friends. Since two of our teachers were on Zoom we were kind of annoyed to have to learn through Zoom but we overcame it and we got used to it. In the beginning of the school year masks were really bugging us and we couldn’t stand wearing them especially because you had to social distance. Throughout the school year everyone got used to wearing masks and it was a normal thing to wear. About a month into school we had to learn from home because someone got COVID. It was pretty fun for those two weeks but during that break our ELA teacher/Middle School Principal resigned, it was really sad because she was such a good teacher. For a couple of months we had a substitute teacher until a fantastic ELA teacher came and made everything feel like normal again. Throughout the year we overcame all the tough challenges like wearing a mask, social distancing, Zoom, and especially COVID-19. Overall, this experience has changed my perspective on health issues and I feel pretty special to be a part of history.
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February 9, 2021
Politz Day School
New Jersey
Cherry Hill