Politz Day School - Eliana: 7th Grade Covid Reflection

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Politz Day School - Eliana: 7th Grade Covid Reflection
When I first started this year, it was extremely difficult for me. When I started Zoom, a lot of the classes glitched and froze up, every assignment was online, and my internet started to act up sometimes. Being on Zoom made me exhausted and by the end of the day, I felt unusually drained. I was one of the only people who were on Zoom, which made it even more tough. Also, I couldn’t do anything fun outside of school because of Covid. Nothing was going right and I was convinced that this year was going to be the absolute worst.

A little later in the year, things started to look better for me. I was slowly getting the hang of things. Assignments were getting easier, I was more comfortable with my new teachers, and the vaccine for Covid was getting made. I started to look at the situation more positively. When I thought about all of the good things that had happened to me, my school life and personal life got a lot easier. Having great friends and amazing teachers also helped. Over the course of Covid, I’ve learned a valuable life lesson about how I shouldn’t take anything for granted.
Date Created
February 9, 2021
Politz Day School
New Jersey
Cherry Hill