Politz Day School - Chava: 7th Grade Covid Reflection

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Politz Day School - Chava: 7th Grade Covid Reflection
At first, we thought Corona would never hit the United States. Next thing we knew, we had to go onto Zoom school for just about two weeks. My mother took us kids to the library to pick a few books because everything was going to close down. Zoom was fun at first. I went to our Chabad house with some of my siblings to learn and we went home after school was done. Each of us had our own room to make into our own little classroom and we had a playground in the back for when we had recess. We finally got through zoom and then we were told we would have to stay on it for longer.

Quarantine really had its ups and downs for us. For example, kids weren’t allowed to go anywhere. Not even to the store! We weren’t allowed to go to real school and my parents could only leave to go shop for essential items. There were some good parts about staying home too. I really got to spend more time with my siblings and parents. I also visited my grandparents a lot more than we usually do.

Next thing I knew, school was already over. Our teachers still had to give us our summer homework and other things so the day after school ended, we went to see our teachers by school so they could give us what we needed. A month passed and it was time for me to go to camp. I had to COVID test a few times and I also had to quarantine from everyone including the people we were quarantined with. Everyone was so strict with COVID rules and we had to be so careful with everything.

Another month went by and it was already time for school again. This time, we were able to go in person or on Zoom in case we were still being careful. Of course, my family chose to go to school in person. Before we walked in the school building, someone had to take our temperature to make sure we didn’t have a fever because those are one of the main COVID symptoms. We all had to wear masks and social distance from one another. Masks were super hard at first because we weren’t so used to them. Zoom came out with a new thing called the Owl. It is for the virtual learners at home to get a 360-degree view of the whole classroom. When someone talks, the Owl’s camera slowly turns to the direction the person is in so the virtual learners could see who’s talking.

To whoever is reading this, I hope COVID-19 is not going around anymore. And since this will be read in the future, now you can see what everything was like in the past.
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February 9, 2021
Politz Day School
New Jersey
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