Tips for Advanced Search and Checking for Duplicates

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Step-by-step Advanced Search instructions 

  1. Go to the “Browse” tab
  2. Click on the “Advanced Search” function in the middle of the Browse page
  3. “Search Full Text” Option. Gives results that contain the words you typed anywhere within the item. It is similar to typing a search into the “Browse” search bar in the upper right corner
  4. “Search by Property” Option: (Recommended)
    1. Click on “Any Properties” and select what you would like to search by from the drop down menu. Note: Try using “date created,” “denomination family name,” and “spatial coverage (location)”
    2. Choose the operator, such as “Contains” or “Is exactly.” Note: It is recommended to use the “Contains” search type from the drop down menu when searching by value.
    3. Enter the value you would like to search for. Note: It is recommended to use title, author, location (if searching by state, need to use the abbreviation), and religious movement (aka denomination family name)
    4. Click “Add New Value” if you would like to search for multiple properties (such as date and location, or denomination and location. Can choose “And” vs “Or” between each value depending on how much you want to restrict your search
  5. You might need to test out/combine different types of searches and properties (for example doing a “Full Text” search for community with a “Property Search” for a location in CO)

Checking for Duplicates through Advanced Search

Goal: Check to see if a document (“item”) is already in the system.

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