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Collected Item: “A Hospice Chaplain”


A Hospice Chaplain

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As a hospice chaplain I serve nursing home residents. Several of the facilities have restricted who can enter. As such my work has shifted to a telephonic ministry. For the individuals I can visit it means donning PPE and establishing a spiritual presence through gown, gloves and face mask.

I also provide spiritual care for a residential community for individuals with Down Syndrome. The facility has been in lock down since the pandemic started so there are no group gatherings. Chapel services are prerecorded and the residents watch them on YouTube. This has in some respects expanded the residents and staff I minister to as some who were not able to make it to chapel now see the video service where they were not able to.

Has my misistry changed? Yes. In some ways sadly as I am not able to be face to face with some. In other ways I am encouraged by the new opportunities and wondering what will carry into the coming days.

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New York



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