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Collected Item: “Free Pet Food Helps People Cope with COVID 19”


Free Pet Food Helps People Cope with COVID 19

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CrossRoads Church at Westfield in Indiana created a unique way to help people during this pandemic - a drive-through free pet food give-away. People are without jobs and finding it difficult to have enough money to provide for all of their needs. Not knowing how they are going to make ends meet and the fear of how their health may be affected by COVID 19 is creating lots of anxiety and stress. When times get tough, people still take care of their pets even if it means people may not have enough money for their own food or prescriptions. In times of high anxiety, pets are stress relievers and anxiety reducers. So we decided that we could free up some resources families could use for themselves and at the same time feed the pets that help alleviate anxiety and stress for their owners. Thus...Free Pet Food Saturdays!






CrossRoads Church at Westfield

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