450+ Rabbis Sign NYJA Statement and Press Conference Video



450+ Rabbis Sign NYJA Statement and Press Conference Video


In this virtual press conference held by the New York Jewish Agenda, more than 450 rabbis, cantors, and other religious leaders joined together to speak out in favor of life-saving, geography-based COVID-19 protective measures. The event also featured Jacob Kornbluh, a Jewish journalist who was assaulted during the October 7th protest and riots in Boro Park.

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October 9, 2020


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450+ Rabbis Support Governor Cuomo’s And Mayor De Blasio’s
Efforts To Contain COVID-19 In New York “Hotspots”

Contact Information:
New York Jewish Agenda
Gene Goldstein-Plesser
(646) 470-3510

450+ Rabbis Support Governor Cuomo’s And
Mayor De Blasio’s Efforts To Contain COVID-19
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In New York “Hotspots”
Rabbis Condemn Incidents Of Violence And Non-Compliance With Public
Health Directives
(NEW YORK, NY, October 7, 2020) — The New York Jewish Agenda (NYJA) today
releases the following statement signed by a growing list of 450+ Rabbis and other
Jewish religious leaders — including more than 160 from New York — to support datadriven, life-saving measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in New York. The list
includes religious leaders from all major Jewish denominations, including Orthodox,
Conservative, Reconstructionist, Reform, and others. The full statement with signatories
appears below.
“We support the governor’s and mayor’s efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19 by
using a data-driven, geographically based approach,” said NYJA President Matt
Nosanchuk. ”Today, more than 450 Rabbis and other Jewish religious leaders came
together to make clear there is no higher Jewish value than saving a human life.”
NYJA was founded in February 2020 as a network of leaders working to elevate the
voice of Jewish community leaders whose shared values motivate them to promote
social justice, combat antisemitism, and support a democratic vision of Israel. NYJA
engages on critical issues across New York City and State through advocacy, education,
and collaboration.
Throughout the COVID crisis, NYJA has called upon state and local leaders to base their
public health and enforcement strategies in sound public health strategies and science,
and to avoid any response that feeds into antisemitic narratives or discriminatory
targeting of Orthodox Jewish or other communities. We did so in NYJA’s sign-on letter
to Mayor Bill de Blasio in April and again in an NYJA statement on October 5 when
COVID cases began to rise in the Orthodox Jewish community.
The full statement appears below. (The list of signatories is in formation and the
institutional a liation is for identi cation purposes only.)

“We are rabbis and other Jewish religious leaders representing every movement of
Judaism, who stand in support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio for
using data-driven, geographically-based efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. We
condemn the lack of compliance with public health directives and recent violent
reactions from some individuals within the Orthodox Jewish community to enforcement
of those mandates.
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During the cholera epidemic in the 1840’s, Reb Yisroel Salanter ate in shul on Yom
Kippur to encourage his congregants to eat and protect their health. He did this
because the highest value in Judaism is pikuach nefesh, the saving of human life.
Judaism and Jewish texts are lled with vociferous debates and disagreements,
however nothing is more universally accepted and agreed upon than the need to protect
and preserve human life and dignity. The Code of Jewish Law (Orach Chayim 328:2)
teaches that one who even asks if it is permissible to save a life, by doing work on the
shabbat, is a murderer. The Talmud, Jerusalem Yoma 41b, expresses disgust that this
question could even be asked and places the blame on the local rabbi for not having
made this teaching clear to everyone.
We are also deeply disturbed by what we have witnessed in the form of mask burnings
and large, unsafe, and even violent protests against sensible precautions and
regulations. We are embarrassed and disappointed that after thousands of years of
clear tradition, and common sense, this letter needs to be written.
The posturing of religious freedom in opposition to the wellbeing of individuals and
communities is blasphemy (Mishneh Torah, Laws of the Sabbath 2:3). As rabbinic
leaders, we feel a religious responsibility for the safety of all people and the delity of
our tradition. While our individual spiritual practices may differ widely, our commitment
to observing them in safe ways is uni ed.
We therefore support thoughtful efforts by the governor and mayor to protect health
and safety, including limiting religious gatherings in known “hot spots,” and using
enforcement for any gatherings which violate size restrictions, or where people are not
masked or socially distanced. We condemn the violence in Haredi (ultra-Orthodox)
communities last night against mask-use and other safety measures, including violence
and threats against members of the community who support safety measures.
Antisemitism against Orthodox Jews is serious and widespread, and we must ensure
that the implementation of public health policies is both culturally appropriate (e.g.,
more Yiddish speaking contact tracers) and does not promote antisemitism either in its
language or in its actions. But to be clear, requiring masking and social distancing for all
gatherings, including religious gatherings, is not antisemitism.”
Rabbi Rachel Timoner, NYJA Board and Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, NYJA Board and Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, Manhattan
New York Rabbis and Other Jewish Religious Leaders:
Rabbi David Adelson, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Brooklyn
Rabbi Renni Altman, Vassar Temple, Poughkeepsie
Cantor Irena Altshul, Temple Israel of the City of NY, Manhattan

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Rabba Wendy Amsellem, Yeshivat Maharat, Manhattan
Cantor Dana Anesi, Temple of Universal Judaism, Manhattan
Rabbi Marc Angel, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, Manhattan
Rabbi Nicole Auerbach, Manhattan
Rabbi Vicki Axe, Congregation Shir Ami / Temple Beth Am, Fishkill
Rabbi Sharon Ballan, Temple Beth Sholom of Flushing, Queens
Rabbi Daniel Bar-Nahum, Temple B’nai Torah – A Reform Congregation, Wantagh
Cantor Chanin Becker, Scarsdale Synagogue-Temples Tremont and Emanu-El, Scarsdale
Rabbi Debra Bennet, Temple Chaverim, Plainview
Rabbi Sarah Berman, Central Synagogue, Manhattan
Cantor Alan Brava, Free Synagogue of Flushing, Queens
Rabbi Deborah Bravo, MakomNY, Woodbury
Cantor Joshua Breitzer, Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn
Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, Shirat HaYam Nantucket, Manhattan
Rabbi Rabbi Lester Bronstein, Bet Am Shalom Synagogue, White Plains
Rabbi Jeffrey Brown, Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-El, Scarsdale
Rabbi Yechiel Buchband, Temple Gates of Zion, Valley Stream
Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, Central Synagogue, Manhattan
Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Witman, Temple Israel of the City of New York, Manhattan
Cantor Julia Cadrain, Central Synagogue, Manhattan
Rabbi Carie Carter, Park Slope Jewish Center, Brooklyn
Rabbi Don Cashman, Emeritus, B’nai Sholom Reform Congregation, Albany
Rabbi Ayelet Cohen, New Israel Fund, Manhattan
Rabbi Emily Cohen, West End Synagogue, Brooklyn
Cantor Jonathan Comisar, Hebrew Union College , Bronx
Cantor Melanie Cooperman, Community Synagogue of Rye, Rye
Rabbi Joshua Davidson, Temple Emanu-El, Manhattan
Cantor Shayna De Lowe, Rodeph Sholom, Manhattan
Rabbi Dr. Nikki DeBlosi, Brooklyn
Rabbi Brian Denker, International Federation of Rabbis, Brooklyn
Rabbi William Dreskin, Woodlands Community Temple, White Plains
Rabbi Dr. Andy Dubin, Manhattan
Rabbi Amy Ehrlich, Temple Emanu-El NYC, Manhattan
Rabbi Susan Elkodsi, Malverne Jewish Center, Malverne
Rabbi Jacqueline Ellenson, Congregation Rodeph Sholom, Manhattan
Rabbi Barat Ellman, Brooklyn
Rabbi Rebecca Epstein, Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn
Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein, CRI, Brooklyn
Rabbi Susan Falk, Brooklyn
Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, Manhattan

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Rabbi Marla Feldman, Women of Reform Judaism, Manhattan
Rabbi Michael Fessler, Reconstructing Judaism, Poughkeepsie
Cantor Claire Franco, The American Conference of Cantors , Port Washington
Rabbi Josh Franklin, Jewish Center of the Hamptons, East Hampton
Rabbi Jonathan Freirich, Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo
Cantor Rebecca Garfein, Rodeph Sholom, Manhattan
Rabbi David Gelfand, Temple Israel of the City of New York , Manhattan
Rabbi Kim Geringer, HUC-JIR, Manhattan
Rabbi Erica Gerson, Manhattan
Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber, Derekh: A Pathway into Adult Jewish Learning, Tarrytown
Rabbi Bob Gluck, University at Albany, Albany
Rabbi Shira Gluck, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, Manhattan
Rabbi Nadia Gold, Manhattan
Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg, Malkhut, Jackson Heights
Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell, Temple Concord, Binghamton, Binghampton
Rabbi Howard Goldsmith, Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester, Rye
Rabbi Lisa Goldstein, Manhattan
Rabbi Linda Henry Goodman, Union Temple of Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, SAJ, Manhattan
Rabbi Lisa Grant, Hebrew Union College, Manhattan
Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer, Brooklyn
Rabbi Matt Green, Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn
Rabbi Gary Greene, Marathon Jewisah Community Center, Queens
Rabbi Reuven Greenvald, Rabbinical Assembly, Manhattan
Rabbi Daniel Gropper, Community Synagogue of Rye (NY)
Rabbi Rachel Gross-Prinz, Hebrew Union College, Manhattan
Rabbi Miriam Grossman, Congregation Kolot Chayeinu, Brooklyn
Rabbi Igael Gurin Malous, T’Shuvah Center, Manhattan
Rabbi Ilene Haigh, CCAR, Mamaroneck
Kohenet Judith Hollander, CBST, Manhattan
Cantor Sandy Horowitz, Independent , Manhattan
Rabbi Michael Howald, Temple Israel Staten Island, Staten Island
Cantor Bradley Hyman, Temple Chaverim of Plainview, Plainview
Rabbi Glenn Jacob, Adelphi University Hillel, Garden City
Rabbi Jill Jacobs, T’ruah, Manhattan
Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe, Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester, Chappaqua
Rabbi Marisa James, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah , Manhattan
Rabbi Andrue Kahn, Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York, Brooklyn
Rabbi Mark Kaiserman, The Reform Temple of Forest Hills, Queens
Rabbi Juliana Karol, Congregation Rodeph Sholom, Manhattan

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Rabbi Alan Katz, Temple Sinai, Rochester
Cantor Todd Kipnis, American Conference of Cantors, Manhattan
Rabbi Beth Klafter, Temple Beth David, Commack
Rabbi Michael Klayman, Lake Success JC, Great Neck
Rabbi Stephanie Kolin, Union Temple of Brooklyn, Brooklyn
President David Krantz, Aytzim, Manhattan
Rabbi Gabriel Kretzmer-Seed, Bronx
Rabbi David Kunin, Congregation Beth Sholom Chevra Shas, Syracuse
Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Lab/Shul, Manhattan
Cantor Meara Lebovitz, Temple Beth Sholom, New City
Rabbi Shoshana Leis, Hebrew Congregation of Somers, Somers
Rabbi Roger Lerner, Monroe Temple Beth-El, Monroe
Rabbi Joel Levenson, Midway Jewish Center, Syosset
Rabbi Robert Levine, Congregation Rodeph Sholom, Manhattan
Rabbi Sam Levine, East Midwood Jewish Center (NY)
Rabbi Judith Lewis, Riverdale Temple, Manhattan
Rabbi Valerie Lieber, Kane Street Synagogue, Brooklyn
Rabbi Maura Linzer, Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester, Chappaqua
Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives, Brooklyn
Rabbi Ariel Lorge, Manhattan
Rabbi Sara Luria, Beloved Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Rabbi Marc Margolius, Institute for Jewish Spirituality, Manhattan
Rabbi José Rolando Matalon, B’nai Jeshurun, Manhattan
Rabbi Michele Medwin, Temple Sholom Monticello NY, Monticello
Rabbi Daniel Medwin, CCAR, Manhattan
Rabbi Shira Milgrom, Congregation Kol Ami, White Plains
Rabbi Bethie Miller, Sanctuary, Larchmont
Rabbi Avram Mlotek, Base, Manhattan
Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, Temple Shaaray Te la, Manhattan
Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, CBST, Manhattan
Rabbi Steven Moskowitz, Congregation L’Dor V’Dor, Oyster Bay
Rabbi Susie Moskowitz, Temple Beth Torah, Melville
Rabbi Linda Motzkin, Temple Sinai, Saratoga Springs
Rabbi Dina Najman, The Kehilah of Riverdale, Bronx
Cantor Barbara Ostfeld, American Conference of Cantors, Williamsville
Rabbi Hara Person, Central Conference of American Rabbis , Manhattan
Cantor Lauren Phillips Fogelman, Temple Israel of Northern Westchester, Croton on
Cantor Emily Pincus, The Reform Temple of Forest Hills, Manhattan
Cantor Ilana Plutzer, Bnai Israel Reform Temple of Oakdale, Oakdale

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Rabbi Elchanan Poupko, EITAN The American Israeli Jewish Network, Manhattan
Rabbi Yael Rapport, CBST, Manhattan
Rabbi David Reinhart, Temple Israel of the City of New York, Manhattan
Rabbi Dr. Karen Reiss Medwed, Plainview
Rabbi Max Reynolds, Manhattan
Rabbi Sara Rich, Hillel of Buffalo, Buffalo
Rabbi Iris Richman, Manhattan
Rabbi Mira Rivera, Ammud: Jews of Color Torah Academy, Manhattan
Cantor Danielle Rodnizki, Westchester Reform Temple, Scarsdale
Cantor Richard Rosen eld, Temple Beth-El, Ithaca
Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal, Central Synagogue, Manhattan
Rabbi Judi Rowland, Manhattan
Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein, Temple Sinai, Gansevoort
Rabbi Peter Rubinstein, 92Y, Central Synagogue, New York
Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder, Aleph
Rabbi Peter Schaktman, Temple Emanu-El of Utica, Utica
Cantor Jodi Schechtman, Congregation Beth Emeth of Albany, Albany
Rabbi Neil Schuman, Manetto Hill Jewish Center, Plainview
Cantor Lisa B. Segal, Kolot Chayeinu, Brooklyn
Rabbi Drorah Setel, Temple Emanu-El, Rochester
Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet, North Shore Synagogue, Plainview
Rabbi Benjamin Sharff, Reform Temple of Rockland, Upper Nyack
Rabbi Randy Sheinberg, Temple Tikvah, New Hyde Park
Rabbi Burt Siegel, Jewish Life Experience , Manhattan
Rabbi Mia Simring, Manhattan
Rabbi Marjorie Slome, West End Temple, Brooklyn
Rabbi Felicia Sol, B’nai Jeshurun , Manhattan
Rabbi Benjamin Spratt, Congregation Rodeph Sholom, Manhattan
Rabbi Joshua Stanton, East End Temple, Manhattan
Rabbi Debra Stein, Jewish Center of the Hamptons, East Hampton
Rabbi Peter Stein, Temple B’rith Kodesh, Rochester
Rabbi Abby Stein, Sacred Space, Manhattan
Rabbi Irwin Tanenbaum, Congregation Shir Shalom (NY)
Rabbi Rochelle Tulik, Temple B’rith Kodesh, Rochester
Rabbi Art Vernon, Congregation Shaaray Shalom, West Hempstead
Rabbi Pamela Wax, WJCS, Bronx
Rabbi Gerald Weider, Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn
Rabbi Elchanan Jay Weinbach, Congregation Shaarey Israel, Montebello
Rabbi Josh Weinberg, URJ / ARZA, Brooklyn
Rabbi Jay Weinstein, Congregation Simchat HaLev, Syosset

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Rabbi Samuel Weintraub, Kane Street Synagogue, Brooklyn
Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, Brooklyn
Rabbi Greg Weitzman, Congregation Rodeph Sholom, Manhattan
Rabbi Simcha Zamir, Temple Sholom of Westbury, Westbury
Rabbi Elizabeth Zeller, Temple Chaverim, Plainview
Rabbi Lina Zerbarini, Kehillath Shalom Synagogue, Cold Spring Harbor
Jewish Religious Leaders from Outside New York:
Rabbi Joel N. Abraham, Temple Sholom (NJ)
Rabbi Susan Abramson, Temple Shalom Emeth (MA)
Rabbi Ruth Adar, Coffee Shop Rabbi (CA)
Rabbi Katy Allen, Ma’yan Tikvah (MA)
Rabbi Thomas Alpert, Temple Etz Chaim (MA)
Rabbi Doug Alpert, Congregation Kol Ami-KC (MO)
Rabbi Spike Anderson, Temple Emanu-El (GA)
Rabbi Sharon Anisfeld, President, Hebrew College (MA)
Rabbi Erica Asch, Temple Beth El (ME)
Rabbi Aryeh Azriel, Temple Israel (NE)
Rabbi Ilana Baden, Temple Chai (IL)
Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar, Temple Beth Israel (GA)
Rabbi Jessica Barolsky (WI)
Rabbi Jordana Battis, Temple Shir Tikva (MA)
Rabbi David Dunn Bauer, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (PA)
Rabbi Katie Bauman, Touro Synagogue (LA)
Rabbi Anne Belford (TX)
Rabbi Marci Bellows, Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek (CT)
Rabbi Lisa Bellows, Congregation Beth Am (IL)
Rabbi Philip J Bentley, Agudas Israel Congregation of Hendersonville (NC)
Rabbi Peter Berg, The Temple (GA)
Rabbi Philip Berkowitz, Kol Dorot (ME)
Rabbi Phyllis Berman (PA)
Rabbi Edward Bernstein, Vitas Healthcare (FL)
Rabbi Amy Bernstein, Kehillat Israel (CA)
Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (IL)
Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein, Temple Rodef Shalom (VA)
Rabbi Allison Berry, Temple Shalom (MA)
Rabbi Linda Bertenthal, Temple Emanuel (IA)
Rabbi Cecelia Beyer, Temple Sholom (NJ)
Rabbi Amy Bigman, Congregation Shaarey Zedek (MI)

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Rabbi Joseph Black, Temple Emanuel (CO)
Rabbi Barbara Block, Temple Israel, Spring eld (MO)
Rabbi Dr. Bruce Block, Emeritus, Temple Sinai of Bergen County (NJ)
Rabbi Ana Bonnheim, Open Dor Project (NC)
Rabbi Anne Brener, AJRCA (CA)
Rabbi Julie Bressler, Temple Beth Shalom (MA)
Rabbi Sharon Brous, IKAR (CA)
Rabbi Josh Brown, Temple Israel (OH)
Rabbi Kenneth Carr, Temple Chayai Shalom (MA)
Rabbi Josh Caruso, Fairmount Temple (OH)
Rabbi Joshua Chasan, Ohavi Zedek Synagogue (ME)
Rabbi Ken Chasen, Leo Baeck Temple (CA)
Rabbi Mari Chernow, Temple Chai (AZ)
Rabbi Noah Chertkoff (WI)
Rabbi Stephen Julius Chicurel-Stein (FL)
Rabbi Jeffrey Clopper, TBE (MA)
Rabbi Howard Cohen, Congregation Shirat Hayam (MA)
Rabbi David Cohen, Congregation Sinai (WI)
Rabbi Malcolm Cohen, Temple Sinai (NV)
Rabbi Alan Cook, Sinai Temple (IL)
Rabbi David J. Cooper, Kehilla Community Synagogue (CA)
Rabbi Heidi Coretz, Hillel at SMU (TX)
Rabbi Laurie Coskey, Chavurah Kol Haneshamah (CA)
Rabbi Meryl Crean, Mishkan Shalom/RRA (PA)
Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, Congregation Emeth (CA)
Rabbi Lindsey Danziger, Zioness Movement (OH)
Rabbi Stanley Davids (CA)
Rabbi Alexander Davis, Beth El Synagogue (MN)
Rabbi Nate DeGroot (MI)
Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis, CCAR (TX)
Rabbi Lucy Dinner, Temple Beth Or (NC)
Rabbi Marc Disick, Temple Rodeph Torah of Marlboro (NJ)
Rabbi Matthew Dre n, Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL)
Rabbi Jessy Dressin, Repair the World (MD)
Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker, Congregation Kol Ami (WA)
Rabbi Matthew Durbin, Temple Beit HaYam (FL)
Rabbi Renee Edelman, Temple Sha’arey Shalom (NJ)
Rabbi Ariel Edery, Beth Shalom NC (NC)
Rabbi Lisa Edwards, Beth Chayim Chadashim (CA)

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Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein, Congregation B’nai Tzedek (CA)
Rabbi Kenneth Emert, Sun City Jewish Services (CA)
Rabbi Charles Feinberg, Interfaith Action for Human Rights (DC)
Rabbi Nora Feinstein, T’ruah (NJ)
Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer (CA)
Rabbi Brian Field (CO)
Rabbi Avi Fine, Temple De Hirsch Sinai (WA)
Rabbi Karen Fox, HUC (CA)
Rabbi Stacy Friedman, Rodef Sholom (CA)
Rabbi Matt Friedman, Antelope Roseville Jewish Congregation (CA)
Rabbi Dara Frimmer, Temple Isaiah (CA)
Rabbi Serena Fujita, Temple Israel of Boston (MA)
Rabbi Ruth Gais, Chavurat Lamdeinu (NJ)
Rabbi Aimee Gerace, Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center (CA)
Rabbi Jordie Gerson, Greenwich Reform Synagogue (CT)
Rabbi Dr. Gary Gerson, Oak Park Temple B’nai Abraham Zion (IL)
Rabbi James Gibson, Temple Sinai (PA)
Rabbi Aubrey Glazer, Panui (CA)
Rabbi Neal Gold, Massachusetts Board of Rabbis (MA)
Rabbi Rosalind Gold (VA)
Rabbi Elisa Goldberg, Temple Micah (PA)
Rabbi Yosef Goldman, Hadar’s Rising Song Institute (PA )
Rabbi Ari Goldstein, Temple Beth Shalom (MD)
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, Congregation Shaare Emeth (MO)
Cantor Lauren Goodlev, Beth David Reform Congregation (PA )
Rabbi Keren Gorban, Temple Sinai (PA)
Rabbi Jodie Gordon, Hevreh (MA)
Rabbi Mel Gottlieb, Ikar (CA)
Rabbi Steven Greenberg, Eshel (MA)
Rabbi Amanda Greene, Chicago Sinai Congregation (IL)
Rabbi Nicki Greninger, Temple Isaiah (CA)
Rabbi Suzanne Griffel, Sinai Temple (IN)
Rabbi Debra Hachen (CA)
Rabbi Judith Halevy, Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue (CA)
Rabbi Moshe Halfon, Am Or Olam Center (CA)
Rabbi Laura Harari, CCAR (CA)
Rabbi Patti Haskell (NC)
Rabbi Alan Henkin, Beth Knesset Bamidbar (CA)
Rabbi Garson Herzfeld, Temple Beth Shalom of Polk County (FL)
Rabbi Avram Herzog, RCA (Israel)

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Rabbi Lenette Herzog, Temple Beth Shalom (OH)
Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen, Temple Emanu-El (TX)
Rabbi Jay Heyman, CCAR (WA)
Rabbi Aviad Hollander, Bar Lev Community (Israel)
Rabbi Jason Holtz, Temple Kehillat Chaim (GA)
Rabbi Linda Holtzman, Tikkun Olam Chavurah (PA)
Rabbi David Horowitz, Temple Israel, Akron,Ohio (OH)
Rabbi Sarah Hronsky, Temple Beth Hillel (CA)
Rabbi Geoff Huntting, Temple Sinai (FL)
Rabbi Daniel Isaak, Congregation Neveh Shalom (OR)
Rabbi Steven Jacobs, CCAR (CA)
Rabbi Devorah Jacobson, Healthcare Chaplain (MA)
Rabbi Devorah Jacobson, Healthcare Chaplain (MA)
Rabbi David Jaffe, Inside Out Wisdom and Action (MA)
Rabbi Ellen Jaffe-Gill, Tidewater Chavurah (VA)
Rabbi Raachel Jurovics, Rabbi in Residence, Episcopal Diocese of NC (NC)
Rabbi Beth Kalisch, Beth David Reform Congregation (PA)
Rabbi Emeritus Henry Karp, Temple Emanuel – Davenport (IA)
Rabbi Marc Katz, Temple Ner Tamid (NJ)
Rabbi Benjamin Kelsen, Beis Medrash (NJ)
Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman, Macalester College Center for Religious and Spiritual Life
Rabbi Dusty Klass, Temple Beth El (NC)
Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Temple Beth El of Bakers eld (CA)
Rabbi Lori Klein, Chadeish Yameinu (CA)
Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein, RRA/Ohalah (PA)
Rabbi Zoe Klein Miles, Temple Isaiah (CA)
Rabbi Asher Knight, Temple Beth El (NC)
Rabbi Michael Knopf, Temple Beth-El (VA)
Rabbi Alison Kobey, Congregation Or Chadash (MD)
Rabbi Neil Kominsky (MA)
Rabbi Riqi Kosovske, Beit Ahavah Reform Synagogue (MA)
Rabbi Lillian Kowalski (OK)
Rabbi Douglas Krantz (DE)
Rabbi Dr. Yaacov Kravitz, Center for Spiritual Intelligence (PA)
Rabbi Suri Krieger, B’nai Or of Greater Boston (MA)
Rabbi Charles Kroloff, Temple Emanu-El West eld NJ Emeritus (NJ)
Rabbi Gail Labovitz, American Jewish University (CA)
Rabbi Susan Laemmle, University of Southern California (CA)
Rabbi Karen Landy, Hebrew Senior Life (MA)

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Rabbi Michael Adam Latz, Shir Tikvah (MN)
Rabbi Michael Adam Latz, Shir Tikvah (MN)
Rabbi Keilah Lebell, IKAR (CA)
Rabbi Esther Lederman, Union for Reform Judaism (VA)
Rabbi Darby Leigh, Kerem Shalom (MA)
Rabbi Dr. Michele Lenke, Makom LA (CA)
Rabbi Darah Lerner, Congregation Beth El (ME)
Rabbi Joshua Lesser, Bet Haverim (GA)
Rabbi David Levin, Jewish Relationships Initiative (PA)
Rabbi Jay LeVine, Temple Isaiah (CA)
Rabbi Eugene Levy (TX)
Rabbi Yael Levy (PA)
Rabbi Craig Lewis, Mizpah Congregation (TN)
Rabbi Annie Lewis, Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel (PA)
Rabbi Beth Lieberman, CCAR (CA)
Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild
Rabbi Seth Limmer, Chicago Sinai Congregation (IL)
Rabbi Alan Londy, The New Reform Temple (MO)
Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Kehillat Etz Chayim of Detroit (MI)
Rabbi Toby Manewith (IL)
Rabbi Deborah Mangan (MA)
Rabbi Paula Marcus, Temple Beth El (CA)
Rabbi Ari Margolis, Congregation Or Shalom (IL)
Rabbi Sarah Marion, Congregation B’nai Israel (CT)
Rabbi Rachel Marks, Congregation Shalom (WI)
Rabbi Nathan Martin, Congregation Beth Israel of Media (PA)
Cantor Jacqueline Marx, Judea Reform Congregation (NC)
Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin, Temple Sinai (CA)
Rabbi Gary Mazo, Temple Adath Bnai Israel (IN)
Rabbi Lydia Medwin, The Temple (GA)
Rabbi Margot Meitner, Hebrew College/The Meeting Point (MA)
Rabbi Edythe Mencher, Reform Judaism (MD)
Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer, The Kitchen (CA)
Rabbi Emily Meyer (PA)
Rabbi Tamara Miller, Temple Micah (DC)
Rabbi Ellie Miller, MAKOMnj (NJ)
Rabbi Diana Miller, Kehilat HaNahar (NJ)
Rabbi Sydney Mintz, Congregation Emanu-El (CA)
Rabbi Robert Morais, Temple Anshe Heses (PA)

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Rabbi Mara Nathan, Temple Beth-El (TX)
Rabbi Fred Natkin, Mateh Chaim (Fl)
Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser, URJ (GA)
Rabbi Elana Nemitoff-Bresler, Temple Israel (CT)
Rabbi Dev Noily, Kehilla Community Synagogue (CA)
Rabbi Melinda Panken, Temple Shaari Emeth (NJ)
Rabbi David Paskin, Temple Sinai of North Dade (FL)
Rabbi Salem Pearce, Carolina Jews for Justice (NC)
Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits, New Israel Fund (CA)
Rabbi Sara Perman, Congregation Emanu-El Israel, Rabbi Emerita (PA)
Rabbi Karen Glazer Perolman, Congregation Bnai Jeshurun (NJ)
Rabbi Steven Peskind (IL)
Maharat Rori Picker Neiss, Jewish Community Relations Council of St Louis (MO)
Rabbi Dr. Adele Plotkin, Beit Torah Jewish Congregation (AZ)
Rabbi Marciano Plumb, Congregation Mishkan Te la (MA)
Rabbi Linda Potemken, Congregation Beth Israel of Media (PA )
Rabbi Sally Priesand (NJ)
Rabbi Irit Printz, B’nai Shalom v’Tikvah (Canada)
Rabbi Jennifer Queen, Harvard Hillel (MA)
Rabbi Bruce Raff, Temple Judea (CA)
Rabbi Yoni Regev, Temple Sinai, Oakland (CA)
Rabbi Rebecca Reice, Congregation Shir Ami (TX)
Rabbi Victor Reinstein, Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue (MA)
Rabbi Deborah Renert, Torat Chayim (Israel)
Rabbi Lindy Reznick, Congregation Emanu El (CA)
Rabbi Yael Ridberg, Dor Hadash (CA)
Rabbi Nicole Roberts (Australia)
Rabbi Jason Rodich, Congregation Emanu-El (CA)
Cantor Jessi Roemer, Society Hill Synagogue (PA)
Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein, Temple Beth El Bakers eld (CA)
Rabbi Adam Rosenwasser, Temple Emanuel (MD)
Rabbi Michael Rothbaum, Congregation Beth Elohim (MA)
Rabbi Lyle Rothman, UMiami Hillel (FL)
Rabbi Ruhi Rubenstein, Temple Beth Israel (OR)
Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin, Temple Israel of West Palm Beach (FL)
Rabbi Dalia Samansky, CCAR (CA)
Rabbi Simone Schicker, Temple B’nai Israel (MI)
Rabbi Elchanan Sunny Schnitzer, Bethesda Jewish Congregation (MD)
Rabbi Rebecca Schorr (PA)
Rabbi Joel Schwartzman, Congregation B’nai Chaim (VA)

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Rabbi Emily Segal, Aspen Jewish Congregation (CO)
Rabbi Ron Segal, Temple Sinai (GA)
Rabbi Larry Sernovitz, Kol Emeth (GA)
Rabbi Gerald Serotta (MD)
Rabbi Susan Shankman, Washington Hebrew Congregation (DC)
Rabbi Jeremy Sher, Kanfot Ha’aretz (CA)
Rabbi David Shneyer, Am Kolel (MD)
Cantor Michael Shochet, Temple Rodef Shalom (VA)
Rabbi A. Shuval Weiner, Congregation Beth Tikvah (GA)
Rabbi Jonathan Siger, C.C.A.R. (TX)
Rabbi Lisa Silverstein, Positive Jewish Living (CA)
Rabbi Melissa Simon, North Carolina Hillel (NC)
Rabbi Suzanne Singer, Temple Beth El (CA)
Rabbi Jacob Singer-Beilin, Bet Mishpachah (DC)
Rabbi Alanna Sklover, Or Hadash (PA)
Rabbi Ruth Sohn, HUC-JIR (CA)
Rabbi Myra Soifer, Temple Sinai (NV)
Rabbi Eric Solomon, Beth Meyer Synagogue (NC)
Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Congregation Dorshei Tzedek (MA)
Rabbi Eliana Alyza Stanton, CCAR (CO)
Rabbi Erica Steelman, Chaplaincy/T’ruah (PA )
Rabbi Naomi Steinberg, Temple Beth El (CA)
Rabbi David Steinberg, Temple Israel (MN)
Rabbi Andrea Steinberger, Hillel at the University of Wisconsin (WI)
Rabbi Rachel Steiner, Barnert Temple (NJ)
Rabbi Dr. Shira Stern, Temple Rodeph Torah (MA)
Rabbi Susan Talve, Central Reform Congregation (MO)
Rabbi Elliott Tepperman, Bnai Keshet (NJ)
Rabbi David Teutsch, Reconstructing Judaism (PA)
Hazzan Hillel Tigay, IKAR (CA)
Rabbi Shoshanah Tornberg, Old York Road Temple – Beth Am (PA)
Rabbi Ronit Tsadok, IKAR (CA)
Rabbi Lisa Vinikoor, Beth Israel Congregation and Bowdoin Hillel (ME)
Rabbi Carrie Vogel, Kehillat Israel (CA)
Rabbi Susan Warshaw, Temple Bat Yam (VA)
Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Reconstructing Judaism (PA)
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Executive Director, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Rabbi Sheila Weinberg (PA)
Rabbi Jennifer Weiner, HSOSC (MD)

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Rabbi Stephen Weisman, Temple Solel (MD)
Rabbi Rachel Weiss, Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation (IL)
Rabbi Ora Weiss, Restorahtive Judaism (MA)
Rabbi Alex Weissman, Congregation Agudas Achim (RI)
Rabbi Lauren Werber, Temple B’nai Abraham (OH)
Rabbi Paula Winnig, Congregation Rodef Sholom (OH)
Rabbi Avi Winokur, Society Hill Synagogue (NJ)
Rabbi David Wirtschafter, Temple Adath Israel (KY)
Rabbi Stephen Wise, Shaarei Beth El Synagogue (Canada)
Rabbi Julie Wolkoff (MA)
Rabbi Jonathan Woll (NJ)
Rabbi Nora Woods, Reconstructing Judaism (PA)
Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, Uri L’Tzedek (Orthodox Social Justice) (AZ)
Rabbi Marina Yergin, Temple Beth-El (TX)
Rabbi Mary Zamore, Women’s Rabbinic Network (NJ)
Rabbi Elaine Zecher, Temple Israel of Boston (MA)
Rabbi Benjamin Zober, Temple Sinai Reno (NV)
Cantor Michael Zoosman (MD)

By New York Jewish Agenda

October 7, 2020

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