Global Religions Class



Global Religions Class


This semester I am a senior college student tiring to make it through school and this pandemic. In late July I found out some of my classes were not happening due to no in-person classes at the university I attend so I had to alter my schedule. As a senior I was brought with the concern of will I still graduate what should I take. I was looking through class options and I came across a class called "Global Religions". I am religious myself but when looking at other religions I am unsure what their practices are so I decided this would be a fun interesting class to take. I signed up and when early August rolled around I was built with excitement to see what I would learn. Well, here I am in late November with three weeks left of class. I have learned so much more than I would have ever hoped. I have learned about religions from all over the world and what their practices and beliefs are. The coolest part about this class is that since we are in a pandemic I am able to learn how different religions are adapting to different situations. I have learned so much about different religions and I believe this is just opening the door to more I will want to learn about in the future and follow up on what religions are doing as we see how this pandemic unfolds.

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November 2020



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