Holiday Times Around the Corner



Holiday Times Around the Corner


As I sit here today I think about what the holidays will look like this year. In times past during thanksgiving, we gather with the whole family and enjoy a big meal and share and laugh at stories we have missed. This year with COVID cases rising we are unsure of what it will look like. We aren't going to be able to sit around a table as usual with our whole family. We are going to have to change it up, times are hard. This year we are not going to be able to have our distant family around we might have to use technology to call them in. Thank goodness for technology or we wouldn't be able to accomplish this. Christmas on the other hand we are unsure what this will look like as well. Usually, without COVID we go to church and spend time with family but just recently my family and I have found out that church will not be happing in person like it has my whole life and that changes things. I am unsure of these times we are experiencing and I am not good at change so we can only hope next year will be different.

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November 2020



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