My Prayer Growth During Covid-19



My Prayer Growth During Covid-19


When the coronavirus first began I had a lot of questions, as to why is this happening and now? But we are many months into this pandemic and I realized earlier on that I would need to create some habits that would allow me to bring peace of mind to myself and help with anxiousness.

I had come across an article from Oprah Magazine when coronavirus began and it discussed how faith is helping people get through this pandemic. I had not been active in my faith, as much as I had wanted to be when Covid-19 first began, but I can happily say now that my faith has allowed me to feel more grounded in these times.

I attended a few virtual masses but the most important part of my faith that kept me grounded was prayer. Through prayer I felt more of an ease at mind thinking about coronavirus. There is a lot of confusion in the world as to why did this happen, why would God do this? But through prayer I felt connected and less anxious about the pandemic. I prayed that people are doing okay and finding their way amongst this pandemic, and I pray for the families who have lost loved ones, but I am hopeful there are many good things that will come from this year.

One thing I am very grateful for is the amount of time I have got to spend with family members and with myself. I have had time that I have never gotten before to take tasks slower, enjoy more conversations with the people you love and dive into more hobbies you have never gotten around to. I would have not had this time if I did not go home once the coronavirus just began. Being at home and surrounded by family has allowed me to create many new memories I will cherish.

Through this pandemic, prayer has been my rock. I pray many times each day for the world to heal, for grieving families to feel loved in these times of heartache, and for everyone's happiness. Because I believe through this all, it will get better.

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December 7, 2020





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