Collecting These Times Oral History Project



Collecting These Times Oral History Project


This project will provide a snapshot for researchers and future generations of what being Jewish in Oregon in 2020 was like—how we have collectively and individually experienced the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, struggles for justice, and the 2020 presidential election.

As archivists, we know the value of oral histories and documentation of current events. We have had many requests for information about the 1918 pandemic in Oregon and we are sorry to say that we have no relevant archival materials. We are grateful to CAJM for this opportunity to create a robust repository of our community's experience—our goal is to capture 150 personal stories. Trained volunteers will work with staff to record online interviews with members of our community. Interviews will be approximately 40-60 minutes in length. We will be using the TheirStory video recording platform, which works much like Zoom except that it requires no prior knowledge or software from the person being interviewed.

We are looking for Jewish community members of all ages and backgrounds to be interviewed, and we are hoping you might be interested in participating. If you are interested in being interviewed, please simply respond to this email and let me know.


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