Pastor Mark Email on Physical Distancing



Pastor Mark Email on Physical Distancing


Pastor Mark sent this email to his community explaining how the church must be together socially in these hard times but still follow pandemic restrictions by being Physically apart.

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Social Distancing; No!

Hopefully this got your attention. And for the record, we should keep our distance and follow
the CDC recommendations. But before all the introverts out there get excited about this
government mandated “introvertedness”, we really do need social interaction. God is relational
and we are created in his image and he made us to be relational beings.

I’m not the first to point out that a better word choice would have been “physical” instead of
“social” distance. We need each other more than ever in these tumultuous times. We should
be physically distant but socially close! I encourage you to read Romans 12:3-13 and ask God
to show you ways to apply it while maintaining physical distance. We have the technology to do
this! I’m no tech boffin or medical genius, but sources tell me the corona virus cannot travel
through cyberspace or cell phone waves. So, please, pick up your phone and speak to someone,
or type out an email, or use one of the many social media platforms out there to reach out to
someone. We can’t meet together for now, but we don’t have to be socially
distant. Think about how awesome it will be when we’re finally able to gather and worship God
together again. In the meanwhile, let’s stay physically distant but socially close.

Together for Christ,
Pastor Mark