Moving Communion Online: What would Calvin say?



Moving Communion Online: What would Calvin say?


Months before the COVID-19 virus spread, forcing us to move our worship services online, our congregation made the decision to schedule communion for March 29th, the week before Palm Sunday. As we planned worship for that week, we struggled with whether / how to celebrate communion online. There were practical questions as well as theological questions to address.

Our Constitution (Part II. Book of Order) is clear that communion is to be celebrated in the gathered congregation, or at least immediately following worship as part of a pastoral call to members who cannot be present in the worship service itself. As Christians in the Reformed Tradition, we ultimate found that our theology of the sacrament of communion (informed by our theological forebear, the 16th century reformer John Calvin) and what we understand to happen in communion, made it feasible for us to proceed to celebrate communion online.

The experience was remarkable. We found that the spiritual connection to the Communion of Saints (as Calvin described those of every time and place who call on Christ's name) was palpable, and a gift for us all, especially at a time when we were not permitted to connect with Christ and one another in the same physical space.

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March 29, 2020


Silver Spring Presbyterian Church


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Silver Spring Presbyterian Church


Presbyterian - PC(USA)

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