Chagai H.: Black Forest, Germany

Chagai H.: Black Forest, Germany
My story
1. everything you do, do it for yourself, don’t do it for something/someone. Be more flexible, try to adapt and take every opportunity even though it might not seem like a good one at that time, you’d be surprised to what it can turn out to be

2. less often than usual but when so it was a much deeper connection/experience. Especially last year you learned to cherish it more (e.g holidays and Shabbat) as you could never know when the next lockdown would hit or for how long it would continue and it was unsure when you would see your friends and family again.

3. I do hope that travel will be less restricted, I hope that someone special will come to my life and I hope that not just me but everyone learned from the past year!
Current status
University Student

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