Welcome to the Global Jewish Legacy Project, powered by KAHAL! Over two years on from the start of the pandemic, we are excited to maintain this unique platform.

The platform gives a voice to Jewish students and young people around the world by gathering short testimonies and we can't wait to include your submission. Similar to an online museum, we are aiming to create a diverse, global mosaic of how this unprecedented time has affected young Jews around the world as an essential legacy for Jews of the future. This is a one-of-a-kind project and we are excited to have you involved!

We publish every entry right here and for you and future generations to look back on as we continue to move through this moment in history. Submissions are open to students and young adults anywhere in the world of any Jewish identity, cultural connection or religiosity.

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Featured Items

  • Elana Burack: South Carolina, USA

    In April 2020, I was alone in my apartment in Philadelphia, and I found myself preparing for Passover for one. For the first time, I cooked up some kugel, threw together a mishmash of things for a Seder plate, and Googled some Haggadah supplements and Pesach parodies. While it was a break with years of tradition of celebrating with friends and family, it ended up being a very spiritual evening of slow song, reflection, and the savoring of a tradition of our people.
  • Sade S.: Charlottesville, VA, USA

    I hope that this upcoming year will bring a lot of reassurance. The pandemic was obviously difficult for everyone--in many different ways--but I don't think there has been a time in my life that uncertainty has ever taken such a toll on me. Pre-COVID, my comfort zone was being uncomfortable. I went out of state for college, chose to go on Semester at Sea for my abroad experience, and signed up as a KAHAL Intern not knowing what the semester would have in store. Despite not knowing the outcomes of these actions, however, I chose them and had control. With COVID, any sort of agency I had was taken away and it was very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. No need to get into details, but I lost a lot of optimism that had previously defined my outlook on life. We've now spent two Passovers in quarantine, and I have never felt more connected to the Exodus story. Despite being physically isolated, celebrating a story of hope with the Jewish community really helped me rediscover my optimism. With vaccinations in sight (and in my body), I'm finally excited to move on from the anxiety around uncertainty and embrace it knowing that everything will be ok :)
  • Anthony Bolchover: London, United Kingdom

    This year has been tough for everyone, but for me personally it has also allowed me to reflect on my quality of life. Before the pandemic, I would take many of those lost freedoms for granted. But during lockdown, I had to adapt and cherish the few opportunities I had. I made sure to go on a run once a day (something I would never dream of doing before COVID!) and to establish a solid routine so that I could escape the boredom and monotony of essential house arrest. After lockdown I hope to be more sociable and outgoing, opening myself up to the world and living life to its fullest. COVID has really taught me that life in general only happens once, and we must try our best not waste it!
  • Chloe Lauret: Berlin, Germany

    Hi! I’m Chloe. This past year has been chaotic and challenging, but I believe we’ve all been able to take something from it and it made us grow in more than one way... We’ve had to completely digitize our lives and find new ways to spend our time meaningfully. Connecting with your local shul became increasingly more difficult because honestly no one wants to attend a service online, especially if you aren’t very religious to begin with. Our relationship with G-d does not end because we cannot go to the temple nonetheless. As I battled with the feeling of loneliness, I became more spiritual. In the morning when I go jogging I enjoy having open conversations with G-d where I let it all out. Some might not approve and might prefer a more traditional approach, but I strongly recommend!
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