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We cannot wait to include your submission on the platform and create a diverse, global mosaic of how this unprecedented time has affected young Jews around the world as an essential legacy for Jews of the future. This is a one-of-a-kind project and we are excited to have you involved!

Submission Guidance:

Please submit your testimony in the form below. Entries should be between 30-150 words and should be written in first person. You can also submit by voice note or video!

Submissions are open to university students and young adults anywhere in the world of any Jewish identity, cultural connection or religiosity. You do not need to have studied abroad.

If English is not your first language you can submit the entry in your preferred language. If you require audio-visual assistance, or assistance of any other kind, please do not hesitate to reach out.

All submissions will be public on this platform and we will not edit submissions at all other than for spelling and grammar. All submissions will be included.*

*KAHAL is committed to, and promotes, diversity and inclusion across everything we do. Any submission that goes against this commitment may not be included.

The Global Jewish Legacy Project Submission Form

For the title, please write your name followed by a colon and your location.

(e.g. Hannah Mizrahi: Prague, Czech Republic; Isaac Eskinazi: Rome, Italy)

What is your current status? (For example: University student, post-grad student, young adult, or other?)

Guiding questions for entries:

1. If you could tell your past self from March 2020 something, what would it be?

2. How have you connected to your Jewish identity since March 2020?

3. What do you hope the next year will bring for you?

Testimonies can focus on any one of the questions or can address a combination, it is up to you. You do not need to quote the questions in your entry, they are meant only as a guide to help you!

You can see existing submissions on the Browse Contributions page if you need inspiration. If you are submitting in a language other than English please submit the translation below as well.

Please submit an image of something meaningful to you that is relevant to your entry, or simply of yourself! If you are submitting your diary by voice note or video, this is where you can upload that!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so while this is not obligatory, we would love one if you have one!