Rebecca Zelnick: Milan, Italy

Rebecca Zelnick: Milan, Italy
My story
If I could tell my past self something, I would tell me to make the most of the support available from my friends and family, and to try to see this as a chance to spend more time with loved ones and have a less hectic lifestyle. If I could go back, I would go back home instead of staying in rented accommodation, which was not ideal during the pandemic especially at the beginning.

Unfortunately, I could not attend any services for the most important Jewish holidays and this I think is big damage done to Jewish students by the pandemic. Many Friday night dinners, shabbat meals, Jewish events have been missed by Jewish students around the world and I hope that this will go back to normal after the pandemic, without having too much of a long-term impact.

I hope next year will bring new hopes and new opportunities for students around the world who have been very much negatively impacted because of Covid. Young people need to be able to grow, learn from each other, learn from experiences and mistakes, and a pandemic reduces the extent to which we could do all of this. I hope that opportunities after the pandemic will be even greater than before because of the so many things built-up that we had to give up this year.
Current status
University student

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