David Fiorentini: Siena, Italy

David Fiorentini: Siena, Italy
My story
During these months I engaged more with social media and other online means of communication, therefore those who usually I didn't see very often, became close friends. Living in a small city like Siena, where the Jewish Community is microscopic, engaging with people from other cities mostly meant strengthening the bonds with other Jewish friends all around the Country. So, after a year, I could say that the majority of my close friends are part of the Jewish Community as opposed to what it used to be before lockdown when most of my relationships were with non-Jewish people. This change brought by a consistent development of my sense of belonging to the Jewish People, therefore increasing my desire to address my energies towards Jewish Activism as well to Mitzvots. My greatest hope is that once the pandemic will be over, I won't lose this close relationship with the Jewish Community.
Current status
University student

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