Chloe Lauret: Berlin, Germany

Chloe Lauret: Berlin, Germany
My story
Hi! I’m Chloe. This past year has been chaotic and challenging, but I believe we’ve all been able to take something from it and it made us grow in more than one way... We’ve had to completely digitize our lives and find new ways to spend our time meaningfully. Connecting with your local shul became increasingly more difficult because honestly no one wants to attend a service online, especially if you aren’t very religious to begin with. Our relationship with G-d does not end because we cannot go to the temple nonetheless. As I battled with the feeling of loneliness, I became more spiritual. In the morning when I go jogging I enjoy having open conversations with G-d where I let it all out. Some might not approve and might prefer a more traditional approach, but I strongly recommend!
Current status
University student

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